Pellets vacuum transport system

Complete kit price included:
  • Vacuum suction pump
  • Vacumatic flange - bottom of the aditional pellets container
  • Controller
  • PCV Dispencer - installed on the fireplace container
Additional options:

  • Hose for transporting pellets 1mb
  • Silent upholstery for PCV di
  • Pellets container 200 kg
  • Pellets container 400 kg


The system of pneumatic transport of pellets is a complete and universal installation for feeding boilers and fireplaces with pellets from distant tanks. Moreover, more fuel is kept away from the boiler or fireplace in an amount which is subject to change according to the available storage space.

There is no need to check power supply of the fuel tank because the system is totally automatic. During the initial start-up of the system, set the control panel and check the amount of fuel, which is supplied during each cycle through the transparent dispenser.

The vacuum basket is made from plastic and enables immediate inspection. Emptying the basket is easy thanks to the practical solution of the release mechanism. The filter can be washed with water, ensuring maximum efficiency. The system ensures reduction of fuel consumption (stored in the boiler room).

The system is suitable for all types of pellets fireplace, boiler, stove or torch regardless of whether they are already installed or newly installed.

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