Width of the heating plate: 100 cm

Height with a table: 100 cm


Professional garden natural wood grills.

No lacquered elements in the entire grill.
No harmful substances.
Special aged CORTEN steel with the appearance of natural corrosion.
Healthy and natural warmth from traditional beech wood.
Heating plate to prevent burning and drying of meat.
Heating plate contoured with a slope towards the center of the circle causing the fat to flow into the grill.
It is very easy to clean the heating plate by pushing dirt into the grill using a spatula.


The possibility of preparing thousands of dishes, which preparation on a standard grill would be impossible or significantly hampered: fruit can, steaks, burgers, skewers, fruit, weights, soups, etc.

IWONA GRILLS is a new style of spending free time in a wide range of family and friends.
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