О фирме

Since 2011 under the name of IWONA PELLETS we have started the production and direct sales of new generation fireplaces, which are the automatic fireplace pellets, in which you can also burn wood or briquettes.

Our products very quickly pleased the customers across Europe.

Thanks to the advanced manufacturing process our pellets meet the highest European requirements and have the CE mark.

Our biggest goal is the complete satisfaction of the customer, that is why we decided to directly take on ourselves the whole responsibility and pains associated with:

  • Consultancy

  • Designing

  • Sales

  • Assembly

  • Launch

  • Service

This allows our customers to do everything in one company and one place.

Welcome !


Our Polish factory:

Designing a fireplace that meets the most stringent standard is very time consuming activity and requires a major commitment. It helps us in this latest software SolidWorks 2015. The use of advanced 3D models allows quickly realize ideas and bring them to market.  
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